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International Superstar Seeks Justice for Murdered Father

Glee star and international singing sensation Charice Pempengco is one step closer to seeing justice for her father’s murder, which occurred in the Philippines on October 31st. Angel Capili, Jr., accused of killing Ricky Pempengco, turned himself in to authorities this week. According to (from Manila, Philippines), Capili’s wife arranged for him to turn himself in to the chief of his town.

The man admitted to killing Pempengco with an ice pick in the chest and back. Prosecutor George Dee has stated that investigations are being carried out to determine if Capili is guilty of murder or homicide.

Capili has claimed that Pempengco had punched him in the face, but that he had run away from the scene. Capili said that he later returned to the place where he met Pempengco who was buying cigarettes at a store. At this point, Capili stabbed him with the ice pick, which he has stated that he always carries for protection when in the neighborhood of San Pedro.

Charice had to cancel a concert in Singapore to fly back to Manila. In an interview, she called out for justice for her father. Her father had left her when she was 3 years old and he was not a prominent figure in her life, according to E! News.


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