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Be A Laid Back Belle: Rest And Relaxation

Do you find yourself going crazy as the semester is ending? Between cramming for finals, finishing 20 page papers, and gearing up for the holidays, how could it not be hard to be stressed out and unfocused?

Many times we all try to fit everything we possibly can, letting other “less” important things fall by the wayside. Maybe you don’t have time to make it to the gym, or you cancel dinner plans with friends because you are just too focused and stressed out to relax. Or worse, maybe you are cutting back on sleep, which is probably making things even more stressful.

We need to take the time to rest and relax. It is so beneficial, not only for our bodies but for our minds as well. When we sleep, our body is taking the time to repair all the damage we have done during the day through physical stress and activity. But in addition to physical repair, your mind is also affected.

Without sleep, you lose your ability to focus during the day. You will be irritable and maybe easily confused. You may feel lethargic and may not want to do anything, which leads to less productivity and then more stress because nothing is getting done efficiently. This is quite the vicious cycle, no?

“But, I can just catch up on my sleep on Saturday when I sleep in until 1 p.m.” is a common response to the need for sleep. Well, Belle, it doesn’t quite work that way. Losing sleep over a period of time is called “sleep debt,” according to, and it cannot be made up for.

Napping during the day may or may not help. Have you ever napped for a few hours and then woken up even groggier then before? Well, napping becomes ineffective when they stretch for periods longer then 20-30 minutes, so if you are planning on slipping into your bed to catch up on last night’s paper writing marathon, try to keep it short. Also, don’t rely on naps to keep you going.

If you feel the need for a nap, try doing an activity that will slow down your hectic mind. Step away from the books and get outside. Take a short walk to try to wake up. Read a book and relax for a little. Don’t cancel your plans with your friends in lieu of work. We need time to enjoy ourselves and take in the little things in life, which includes a variety of activities from drawing and laughing to a good night’s sleep every night.

So, put down that 9 p.m. Red Bull, sit down with your friends and watch a rerun of Friends, and get to bed for a real night of sleep. You will feel much better in the morning, and be able to tackle the world the right way!


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