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Are Fruit Smoothies as Healthy as You Think?

Do you love fruit smoothies? I don’t blame you. They’re refreshing and delicious. It’s hard not to give into the temptation with so many retailers offering a variety of smoothies and healthy supplements. Unfortunately, the unwavering belief is that these refreshing drinks are a healthy snack. It’s time to shine a little light on the truth-not all smoothies are good for you. In fact, you may be better off eating a piece of cake than a retail bought smoothie.
Have you noticed that the fruit smoothie trend has become more and more popular? Some people even go on smoothie diets! It is always important to know what you’re putting into your body. Don’t be blinded by the word “fruit”. Here are somethings you should know before you swap your meal with a daily smoothie.

Beware of synthetic supplements: Sometimes it is difficult to get all of the vitamins you need every day, but smoothies offer a reasonable way to get in an extra boost of vitamin C. There is no harm in that, right? Unfortunately, there is. The supplements used to give smoothies a “boost” are often genetically modified and contain chemical fillers and synthetic ingredients. Many times, the vitamin or mineral giving the “booster” is actually the last item on the ingredient list of the booster itself. The quality of the vitamin or mineral infused in the booster does not have to be accounted for, so the rate at which it absorbs in your body may be so low that it provides little extra nutrition. The best way to ensure a “booster” is indeed a healthy option is to make the retailer accountable for its ingredients. The ultimate scenario is that the retailer is using a smoothie booster made from highly raw and organic whole foods in powder form, without any added chemicals. That way, the vitamins and minerals are all naturally occurring and easily absorbed in the body.

Acid Test: You may already know that to determine the acidity in a beverage you can drop a dirty coin in it and it will come out clean if it has a high level of acid. Well, they decided to carry out the same test with cola, fruit smoothie, coffee and water. When the coins came out of the cola and smoothie they were clean however the coins that were placed in the coffee and water were still dirty. What this proves is that cola and fruit smoothies are acidic which can, over time, cause erosion of tooth enamel.

“Sugar free” vs “light”: Before buying the smoothie with “no added sugar” to cut your calorie count, ask if there are other sweeteners added. Chemically altered sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose may be worse than sugar. They might save you calories, but they don’t add nutritional value. Ongoing studies exploring negative health implications from artificial sweeteners say they cause migraines, and long-term memory loss.

Sure, most smoothies are made with real fruits and are a great option for an instant energy boost. But, most fruits have a lot of sugar, and when combined with milk and artificial sugars, the amount of sugar consumed might be equivalent to a slice of your favorite dessert. The rows of flavored syrups behind smoothie bars are often made from pure corn syrup and other highly refined sugars such as beet or cane, and your smoothie may get several pumps. If sugar, syrups or flavoring are added during the preparation then that will add extra calories to your body. This could mean anywhere between 200-800 calories in one smoothie. You’ll also feel a sugar high followed by an energy crash that will make you crave more sugar shortly afterwards. Don’t be afraid to ask about what you are putting into your body.

By no means should you exclude smoothies from your diet. Smoothies can be the healthiest part of your day if you choose wisely. I would suggest making your smoothies at home before you head out for your day. This way, you have complete control over the ingredients. If you occasionally crave a delicious smoothie just remember, moderation is always key in a healthy Blissful Belle’s life.


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