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How-To: Be More Hygienic

We no longer have our mothers coming in every morning reminding us to clean our room or do our laundry. While the independence is great sometimes little tasks can be overlooked and forgotten. When it comes to hygiene, you can’t afford to get lazy, be sanitary so you can live life blissfully clean!

Time For A New One. Product labels might tell you just about everything, like not to place metal in microwaves (I know… duh!), but not all important facts are included. After a certain amount of time, products should be replaced because worn down items don’t work as well and accumulate bacteria. If you’ve had the same toothbrush all year it’s time to get a new one! As a healthy belle, toothbrushes should be replaced every three months. What other product follows this three-month rule? Mascara. You only have one precious set of eyes so you can’t afford to put them at risk for bacteria!

In This Case, Be Selfish. The first thing you learn in Kindergarten is the art of sharing. Then you get older and wiser and realize sometimes you are better off being selfish about your things. One of the easiest ways to transfer bacteria is by sharing. Drinking out of the same straws or cups is a guaranteed way to eventually get sick. Also, letting your roommate borrow your makeup is not hygienic. Your makeup goes around your eyes and mouth, and if you pass your brushes around, you’ll end up wearing everyone else’s bacteria. Now that doesn’t sound very sanitary.

Dust, Germs, and Bacteria. No one wants any of the items to the left hibernating in their room or dorm. The problem is college can make days so busy that cleaning gets placed on the backburner. How long has it been since you cleaned? Bed sheets need to be washed every couple of weeks to avoid bed bugs. This goes for pillowcases as well because dirty pillowcases can lead to an increase in acne. Even though mascara must be thrown out, makeup brushes can just simply be cleaned. With mild shampoo, you can avoid brushing around old makeup on your face; do this weekly! The bathroom is also one place that can collect the most amount of bacteria, especially in dorms. Make sure you have a personal caddy so you don’t leave your personal things collecting germs.

Set aside some time every week to make sure your living in a clean environment, your immune system will thank you!


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