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Veteran Unemployment

Veteran unemployment rates are rising and officials at Washington D.C. have made efforts to improve this situation.

Unemployment has struck our economy, affecting many people, but most importantly, it has had a huge effect on veterans. After coming home to the United States, many look for civilian jobs that will help them afford a house, raise a family and support themselves.

The Hire Heroes Act is a bill that was created to help veterans acquire the skills they need for civilian jobs, allowing companies and organizations to hire them as employees. The Veterans Opportunity to Work Act of 2011 is another piece of legislation which served the same purpose as the Hire Heroes Act, while also giving veterans the funding to receive a secondary or a higher level of education. Both legislations were made to ultimately improve the unemployment rates for veterans.

In addition to the two created legislations, there are eight organizations that can help veterans to get civilian jobs. Organizations include Helmets to Hard Hats, which relates to construction field jobs, Feds Hire Vets, which relates to federal government jobs, and Veterans on Wall Street, which relates to business and finance jobs. is a general organization that assists and offers veterans a wide range and variety of jobs. Nonprofit organizations such as Travis Manion Foundation, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and Hire Heroes USA also guide veterans into finding civilian jobs.

Veterans have all the great traits of the kind of leader everyone needs to be. They need jobs to be a role model for all of us in the work field.


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