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What’s on your bucket list? 5 ways to live life to the fullest

While it might be easy to think of 1,000 reasons to procrastinate until tomorrow, the truth is that today is a much better day to start your to-do list. When you have bouts of energy and can’t stand to be lazy anymore, go outside and experience something. Drive a go-kart, go to a sauna, or take a short trip. Create experiences that are worth remembering. You don’t even have to go far, grab a friend and follow these steps.

Face your fears: We all have fears that keep us from going the extra mile, but you may be missing more than just a good time. Your fears are keeping you from knowing a part of yourself that you have never explored. If you’re afraid of something, like spiders or heights, face your fear! Look at it right in the face and laugh at it, be fearless and it will allow you to enjoy every aspect of your life. Conquering your fears can be one of the best ways to add more joy to your life. Is it hard? You bet! Will it be rewarding? Very likely! Will you regret facing and overcoming your fears? I’ll go out on a limb and say no!

Be a “Yes Belle”: Have you see the movie “Yes man”? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Avoid the word no and say yes to experience a more varied life. By saying yes to new opportunities, you will be able to explore every chance that life throws at you.

Be excited to learn: View life as a continuous learning process. Keep expanding and growing. When you stop learning, you stop growing. It can be as simple as the exploring topics and activities you’ve wanted to learn about in your childhood years. Remember that you are never be too old to learn and discover.

Be open-minded: In order to experience different cultures, ideas and opinions you need to be open-minded. Sample new foods, take a trip to a random destination and try a hobby or sport that never caught your interest before. Whether you love or hate the activity, your opinion will now be based on personal experience rather than a closed-minded speculation.

Spark some spontaneity: Most of the time we over analyze every situation and end up not deciding on anything. Just get up and go for it. If there is anything holding you back, make it a point to do something you normally wouldn’t do. It gets easier over time.

Most of us forget that life is a wonderful journey and we live our lives in fear and decide to settle. We long for these material possessions, power and prestige so much that we forget how to enjoy life. Every Blissful Belle deserves to fulfill her aspirations and live life to the absolute fullest. So, dust off those bucket lists and start living!


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