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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Buying Vintage

Vintage shopping can be frustrating. You go through piles and piles of smelly threads before you find the diamond in the rough. But believe me, when you find that treasure, you know it’s worth the wait. Here are a few ways to make vintage shopping a little easier on yourself so you can find that one of a kind piece we all dream about.

Don’t Think Too Much: If you go in with a really strong idea of what you want and how your experience should go, you’ll be disappointed. The best and worst part of vintage shopping is never knowing what you’ll find or where you’ll find it. The fun of it is discovering that unexpectedly amazing 60s sundress amongst the piles of horrible 80s prom gowns. You just have to wait and see what happens.

Stop Judging: Don’t go into a shop and judge it based on your first perusal. The best finds are found in shops that don’t look like they carry anything you’d want to wear in this lifetime. Remember that vintage shops usually take most of what is given to them whether it be a vintage Chanel boucle jacket or a reindeer sweater someone’s grandma made him in the 70s. Give it a chance. You just might find that Chanel jacket.

Localize: I live in California, so some of the best vintage shopping ever is in the Haight area of San Francisco. I could spend days there. But some of my best finds have been at my local goodwill. You don’t have to go far or wide to find a great piece. Dita Von Teese says that she never shops vintage in Paris because she finds her best outfits, like a 1950s Dior suit, in little shops across the Midwest.

Work Hard: In thrifting, it’s pretty much go hard or go home. If you don’t have a day to devote through sifting and shoving through piles and piles of clothing, don’t bother. Make sure that you stay at each store for at least an hour and at most three.

Ignore the Smell: As long as a piece isn’t stained or torn beyond repair, the smell usually just comes with age. Soaking the item in Vodka or spraying it with Febreze usually takes care of any offending scent.


About Mallika Dhaliwal

Mallika Dhaliwal is a freshman at the University of Southern California who hopes to major in the scope of human knowledge since she can't seem to make her mind up about which discipline she loves the most. She knows, however, that she loves fashion, people, stories, and a variety of fine and performing arts, and wants to visit every continent before she turns 35. Mallika enjoys old movies, classic novels, dressing up, tea parties, indie music, European and art history, theater-going, and especially traveling.

One comment on “Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Buying Vintage

  1. StyleRefine
    November 16, 2011

    Love this post. Vintage is hard!

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