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Personal Care: Beauty and Hygiene

As I nearly threw up while watching an episode of Anderson about germs, the rational part of me was glad to see the issue of beauty and hygiene addressed. Many young women buy beauty products and use them for years without proper cleaning. Unfortunately, your beauty products can be a breeding ground for many dangerous pathogens, but with proper precautions you can keep yourself healthy.

Don’t Try the Testers: Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that testers can hold everything from fecal matter to vaginal yeast infection bacteria. Don’t even try them on your hand. Just imagine the color on your skin and buy a new, sealed product because a few dollars are not as important as your health. Places like Sephora will take anything back, even if it’s opened and used, so there isn’t any reason to try a tester.

Sterilize Your Brushes:  Every few days, dip your brushes in a sterilizing solution to kill any bacteria cultures that might have grown on them. Don’t leave them out without covering the part that touches your face. I mean, it’s your face.

Check the Expiration Date: Beauty products have expiration dates, too. Check the dates at the bottom of the container and remember to throw out beauty products 4-6 months after you bought it, regardless. Beauty products, especially left in wet areas, accumulate bacteria and grow them at an alarming rate.

Close All Your Caps and Tubes: Don’t leave your products lying around open, especially in the bathroom. If you did, throw them away. Since most beauty products are liquid or gel-based, germs grow on them quickly and colonize.

Finally and most importantly, keep your bathroom clean! Close the lid when you flush the toilet, keep disinfecting wipes on hand, and don’t let water stand for too long. Germs are horrible, fast-growing things.


About Mallika Dhaliwal

Mallika Dhaliwal is a freshman at the University of Southern California who hopes to major in the scope of human knowledge since she can't seem to make her mind up about which discipline she loves the most. She knows, however, that she loves fashion, people, stories, and a variety of fine and performing arts, and wants to visit every continent before she turns 35. Mallika enjoys old movies, classic novels, dressing up, tea parties, indie music, European and art history, theater-going, and especially traveling.

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    November 21, 2011

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