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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Which Snow White Is Fairest Of All?

Universal Studios has released the trailer for their latest movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Charlize Theron (Young Adult).

The trailer shows the Evil Queen (Theron) draining the life from young women in order to stay young and beautiful forever. Her magic mirror tells the Queen that she is the fairest of all except for one, Snow White (Stewart). In order to live forever the Queen must consume the heart of Snow White and hires the Huntsman (Hemsworth) to find her and take it.

The movie has an Alice in Wonderland look and feel to it, with its magic, epic battle scenes and a heartthrob huntsman. The film is set for a Summer 2012 release.

Kristen Stewart isn’t the only actress taking on the mantel of Snow White. Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) plays the fairy tale princess in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. The show gathers up all of your favorite fairy tale characters and tells their stories with a twist.

In Once Upon a Time the Evil Queen has the upper hand, placing a curse on Snow White and her kingdom where the only happily ever after belongs to the queen. The show’s story takes place in two worlds, the world of fairy tales and our world.

The queen’s curse has transported the fairy tale characters from their world to Story Brooke, Maine, with no memory of who they really are. Only one person knows the truth, Henry, the adopted son of the evil queen.

Henry brings Snow White’s lost daughter (and his birth mother) Emma to Story Brooke where prophecy says that she can break the curse, but Emma doesn’t believe in curses or evil queens so it is up to Henry to show her the truth.

Goodwin’s Snow White is a hard core take action kind of girl who isn’t about to wait for Prince Charming to come to the rescue; she’d rather rescue herself. Goodwin brings a fresh perspective on Snow White, who is usually portrayed as a damsel in distress.

Both Stewart and Goodwin have that in common in their portrayals of Snow White. We will have to wait until summer to see which Snow White will win the hearts of audiences and be the fairest of them all.


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