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How-To: Surf The Internet Your Way

Everyone is always saying that the Internet has a countless amount of sites on any subject. Yet, you find yourself visiting the same sites every time. Explore your interests Techy Belle! There are great websites out there that let you discover what you want. Narrow down those millions of sites to the ones that interest you. What could be better! is a search engine that finds sites in the Internet that you would enjoy. Once you pick your interest such as Fashion, Traveling, Cooking, or Animals, you can then “stumble” through sites about those topics. You’ll come across things you never knew, great pictures and videos, or even amazing tips! If you love the site you’ve stumbled upon then save it, or keep stumbling for something better. There is even an app available so you can use this on the go. Stop searching through pointless sites, and instead discover the best of the best that is out there! is a catalog of interests. Unlike StumbleUpon, you must request an invite to get started. Once your past the first step you’ll discover that it’s a collection of photos that are added to the pin board about any topic that is interesting or inspiring to someone. Instead of focusing the site on your interests, you follow pins that you like or can browse the hottest pins of the day. This site also has a phone app and is a MUST for all creative bloggers. is social networking made easy! First off it combines all your friend requests, updates, and sharing options all in one place making tweeting, tumbling, facebooking, and instant message much easier. It is all grouped on the left side f your screen allowing you to browse the web and easily feed sites or photos into all your networks. And like the previously mentioned sites, its surprise button finds a random website similar to sites you have visited in the past. If you are constantly juggling social sites then trust in Yoono’s tag line “spend less time managing and more time socializing.” That sounds appealing.
There are other similar sites out there that cater to your interests, but none quite as great as these sites. Familiarize yourself with them, Belle, and let yourself get inspired!

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BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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