Blissful Belle

Be Happy, Feel Beautiful

Make Your Own Ever Afters

Disney movies provide inspiration to achieve your goals and create your own happy endings. From Belle to Jasmine and Pocahontas to Ariel, being a disney princess is every young girl’s dream. Disney movies teach a way of life that involves fairy tales, Prince Charming’s and happily ever afters. But now that we’re grown up (kind of) it’s time to separate the fantasy from the reality. It’s time to take matters into our own hands and create our own realities.


Disney movies are essentially fairy tales. They take us from “once upon times” to “happily ever afters.” They provide viewers with a fantasy life, and at five years old, that’s all we want right? We want a land full of magic and hope with birds and forrest animals singing in the background. We want to believe that in the battle of good vs. evil, good wins undoubtedly. Growing up these are the parts of life we wanted to see.


Mary Finucane, creator of the blog “Disney Princess Recovery,” writes about her quest to repair the effect of “stigmas” so-to-speak on young girls who watched Disney. Finucane acknowledges this as well as the fact that there are some important themes in Disney movies, such a “struggle and determination” but stated that these themes are often shadowed by the notion of “happily ever after.”


It’s important for us to not only take these movies for what they are, fairy tales, but to also learn lessons from them as young women. All of these movies, regardless of the stance a person has on them, have given us the ability to dream. Many critics take issue with what the princesses in the tales are dreaming of including Prince Charming and true love. However, if we shift the focus back to the main theme, we realize it sends a powerful message – trying to achieve your dreams.


Instead of wishing that good would always win out in life, use that hope to believe in something bigger than yourself. In Disney movies, the princesses are always in distress or waiting to be saved. In real life you get to create the lifestyle you want. You get to dream for something better. Make that dream a reality, but do it on your own terms.


Disney movies and their princesses get a lot of heat for poorly depicting what it means to be a young woman, and the aspirations that go along with it. You may have dressed up as Belle for Halloween as a little girl, or recited every word to “Someday My prince Will Come,” but somewhere along the way, you were inspired by the Disney message. Maybe you know that Prince Charming doesn’t exist, but you’re still secretly hoping for that fairy tale ending. Blending the lines of fantasy and reality is a recipe for achievement. We could all use a little hope and magic in our lives, but when these ideas become expectations is when it becomes the problem. Disney may have provided the plots, but you get to determine your own outcome. When it comes to ever afters, you get to write your own story.


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