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Happy Feet Two in Theaters!

Elijah Wood is back to playing the voice of Mumble in “Happy Feet Two,” which includes co-stars Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Pink, and Matt Damon!

In this sequel to “Happy Feet,” Mumble is a father whose son Erik has a phobia of dancing. Erik runs away to avoid dancing and meets a flying penguin who becomes his role model. Erik has no intentions or no heart to compete in dance competition, unlike his father, Mumble.

In order to solve this dilemma, Mumble brings the entire penguin race to become united as one and not segregated by different abilities.

Join Mumble, his son Erik and the entire penguin nation in this incredible journey. “Happy Feet Two” was released into theaters on November 18th. Go buy your tickets now and if you’re not sure, watch the trailer for the movie below!


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