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Five Ways To Make Thanksgiving Even Happier

With Turkey day being tomorrow, it’s important to remember it as a time to spend with your family. With such hectic schedules, and families being located all over the country, sometimes this holiday is the one of the few times the family gets together in one location. With these five ideas, you can take your quality time to the next level and be sure to name happiness as one of the things you’re thankful for!

1. Happiness is but a warm blanket, Charlie Brown.

One of the great parts about Thanksgiving are all the movies and shows that get aired. Maybe you have a specific movie that you watch each year, or maybe you don’t and are looking for something to watch. As per Fox commercials themselves, and, Fox is airing for the first time “Happiness is but a warm blanket, Charlie Brown” on Thanksgiving night. The animated characters are perfect for all age groups, little cousins and grandparents alike. It’s the perfect way to settle down after dessert and spend some quality time.

 2. NFL Games

Even if you aren’t a fan of the game, chances are some of the males in your family look forward to this even more than the food. OK, maybe we’re pushing it, but you get the point. Football and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, so if it’s something you don’t normally do, try it! The games are always entertaining, and there are some pretty good matchups this year including the Green Bay Packers who are currently 10-0. If the sports are not enough, watching the Dallas Cowboys game to see Tony Romo in uniform could be good motivation, no?

 3. Take Pictures

Savor the fact that you are with your family. Whether some people are missing, or some people who don’t normally make it were able to come, you should treasure these moments. Snap some candid shots while everyone is catching up, or even use decorations as props for some silly ones!

 4. Participate in a family activity

Whether it’s playing touch football in your backyard, or a board game, try and make the best of it. If you opt for something more physical, make sure you get everyone involved. Depending on where you’re located, this may be one of your last chances to be outdoors. If you choose a board games like scrabble, trying narrowing the topic down to only things holiday related. You can even kick it old school and do arts and crafts: hand shaped turkeys anyone?

5. Give Thanks

Since part of the holiday is about being thankful, it is called Thanksgiving after all, go around your table and giving thanks. Although it may seem a little childish, letting each other know what you’re thankful for, and hearing what others truly appreciate is a nice way to end your night.

So when turkey day comes, try doing some of these activities. Whether you have a large gathering, or just a couple of relatives and friends, these are some fun ways to make the most of the holiday this year. Try a couple, or try them all, either way; remember to be thankful. Appreciating what you have is a key way to be happy. Happy Thanksgiving!


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