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How-To: Redefine Beauty Sleep

It shouldn’t be surprising that Blissful Belles deserve some beauty sleep. The habits we create before bed can affect how we feel in the morning. Start a routine that is going to have you waking up feeling fresh and beautiful!

Skintimate. Certain tips can keep your skin glowing through the night to feel refreshed in the morning. Moisturizing before bed will allow the lotion to sink in and hydrate your skin. If you’re a sunless tanner, use tanning lotion at night as well. This way you can take the time to evenly apply and wake up with that wonderful, glowing feeling. Get intimate with your skin to keep it looking great!

Hair Tips. Waking up with a mangled mess of hair creates bigger problems but with some tips you can wake up ready to walk out the door! If you love showering before bed, sleep with your hair in a braid to wake up with perfect waves. For those belles whose hair annoyingly falls flat, throw your hair in a scrunchie on top of your head. This will create the volume you need in the morning. Or if you seem to never have time to sit through a hair treatment do it while you sleep! Your hair will wake up hydrated and you will have wasted no time!

Routine. Little habits you’ve become accustomed to can have you feeling terrible in the morning. A main one is what you eat before bed. Heavy meals can upset your stomach, so lunch should be the largest and heaviest meal of the day to allow time for digestion. Choose a healthier and smaller portioned option at night to avoid any problems. Also, try to avoid working out before bed. The added adrenaline will make it difficult to go to bed, interrupting your necessary beauty sleep. If the gym is a must, go with a great yoga workout to help you relax before bed.

Follow these tips and you’ll sleep well through the night. A great sleep is essential to feeling amazing the next morning, and waking up looking great is an added bonus. Don’t skip out on these tips; you’ll feel the difference in the morning!


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BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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