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How-To: Discover New Music Hits

Do you have a favorite radio station that plays all the artists you love singing along to? If you do you have probably had a few tunes become unbearable to listen to. Radio stations have a tendency of overplaying songs, forcing you to switch the station when they come on. The ultimate solution is to find new music hits so you can discover bands and songs that aren’t going to be played a hundred times in one day. You just have to look in the right places!

Thesixtyone. Are you listening to music while getting ready to go out, studying, or just hanging out? This is what thesixtyone tries to discover by having you click on what mood you are in and creating a playlist to fit how you feel.  You simply click on “Mood” under “Popular” in the right hand corner and a list of options will pop up like mellow, happy, or love. You can even choose whether you want to listen to remixes or covers, which are great ways to find a new version of an overplayed song. The site allows you to backtrack to previously played hits and gives you some background on the artist you are listening to. What mood are you in today belle?

8tracks. If you love creating playlists, then you must discover all 8tracks has to offer. People upload playlists they have created, and although there may be a few familiar songs throughout the playlist, there are many you might not have heard of! In the search box you can put in a specific artists, song, or topic such as studying and all the playlists that contain your search option will come up. The one downside is you can only skip through a maximum of three songs, but there are so many playlists you can just switch to another one. There is even an iPhone app so you can take these new hits on the go.

Starbucks. For all the coffee loving belles, Starbucks offers an iTunes Pick of The Week. Once a week they provide cards that allow you to download the featured song for no cost on iTunes. The artists are usually not extremely well known, and it provides a great way to download music legally. What could be better then coffee and music together?

Pandora. Pandora is a station generator that customizes your Pandora station to fit your music interests. Simply type in a song or artists you like and it will play similar songs and artists. If you love a range of music genres, then you can create multiple stations and mix them all together to satisfy your techno, country, and pop fix all in one! It requires you to create an account that is convenient for future use when all your previous stations are saved and ready to be played. Like and dislike buttons ensure that you won’t have to listen to a bad song and the cell phone app allows you to listen to Pandora at the gym or on the way to class.

Don’t force yourself to listen to the same pop song over and over when there are so many artists just waiting to be discovered. Just because these bands may not be popular, doesn’t mean they aren’t worth listening to.


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