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Remember Healthy Holiday Habits

Food begins to take center stage as the holidays approach. This can be a particularly difficult time, because we want to indulge in all the holiday goodness, but for some of us that doesn’t stop us from worrying about calories, and body image as a result. The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends, so taking the time now to discuss body image issues, so that you can enjoy the company of your loved ones will truly be worth your while.

Body image is a serious issue, and not to put a damper on the holiday season, is something worth mentioning and that’s really important. Body image is often defined as your own perception of yourself, and sums it up  by asking “When you look in the mirror, what do you see?” Your response is typically either positive or negative, and that can help explain the ways you perceive your body.

These issues can be influenced by so many things including friends and family, celebrities, and what you see in the media.  When it comes to the media and celebrities, it’s important to be able to decipher a normal appearance from an unhealthy one. Don’t let the media define what’s beautiful. Define it yourself and embrace it.

Often times these negative body images cause girls to begin taking negative actions that can have seriously harmful effects. The sincerity of these diseases should not be overlooked, and never taken lightly. Many girls develop anxiety regarding holiday treats and end up not eating all together for fear of weight gain. Somewhere along the way what it really means to be healthy gets lost. Being healthy isn’t fitting into your skinny jeans or having a stomach like Jessica Alba, it’s about having low cholesterol and blood pressure, and feeling good.

So when you sit down to eat this holiday, remember all of these key points. Part of what makes the holidays so special is the joy–but that joy starts with you.


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