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Stress Free Holidays

The holiday season comes with stress from the many to-dos such as trying to navigate sales and picking out the perfect gift. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, for a lot of us it’s officially time to start shopping, or for you early birds out there, to get to wrapping. With that said, having a plan of attack to tackle what’s to come can help relieve a lot of stress. Here’s how:


First things first, you may want to revisit your past holiday shopping experiences. What was it about them that made you stressed? What were those things that left you thinking, “maybe next year I’ll do this, this, and that differently?” Make a plan with those ideas in mind. Life is all about learning from your past and holiday shopping is no exception. According to an article from, planning is the way to go. It stated, “If you can make specific plans to better handle these situations, you’ll be less stressed when you face them.”


Make a List:

Make a list of all the things you need to get done, and make it as specific as possible.  Include potential days and times when you think you’ll be able to go, and the places you need to go to get them. Maybe you’ll find that a couple of the stores are located near each other, so you can knock them out in one day. Seeing the bigger picture on paper will allow you to breathe easier for all the little things leading up to it.

Set Goals: 

Once you have that list, set some goals. Give yourself deadlines about when you would like to have certain things done. One extremely important thing to remember is to make sure your deadlines are flexible. Being realistic about your expectations is a great way to reduce stress. According to, one way to do this is to set short-term goals, in an effort to achieve your long-term goal: a stress-free holiday. By making these short-term goals specific, you can accomplish more. Remember to celebrate the completion of these goals whether they are big or small.


Remember What It’s All About:

A plan of attack is important, but remembering what the holiday season is about is even more important. Getting stressed out and tied down by all of the expectations of this time of year often overshadows the beauty of the season. The holidays are about spending time with loved ones, whomever they may be. At the end of the day, holiday shopping can stress you out, but the best gift you can give yourself is your health, and give to others is your friendship and love. Remember these key points when you get overwhelmed this holiday season.


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