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Teen Mom Returns

MTV is launching a new season of Teen Mom 2, airing December 6 at 10 p.m. This season viewers will catch up with the moms of season 2 and see how they have handled babies, boys and the big house.

The moms are Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans. In what might be considered the most dysfunctional season of the controversial MTV show, the season 2 girls have gone through a lot.

The last season of Teen Mom 2 ended with Leah and the father of her twin girls getting married. It looks like the new season will open up with them getting a divorce. But baby Ali still has a lot of health concerns and cheating rumors abound.

When we last saw Kailyn she had moved out of her boyfriend’s family home and back in with her mom. After countless verbal insults and an issue over money Kailyn and her baby’s father decide to have a formal custody agreement drawn up over their son. The last season ended with Jo calling Kailyn a whore for having a new boyfriend, but it seems like the pair share an intimate moment in season 2.

Chelsea has been on a rollercoaster of emotions with her daughter’s father Adam. From calling their daughter a mistake, to moving into an apartment together, Adam has put Chelsea through the ringer. The new season trailer shows Chelsea saying, “Adam took Aubrey and left.” What could this mean for the teen mom?

Jenelle might be the least sympathetic mom on the show. Comments on a Teen Mom fan page have a similar voice. They are telling Jenelle to take responsibility for her actions and her son.

On kci018 says: “You would think her child would be motivation enough for her to straighten herself out, but obviously not. It’s real simple, stay off the drugs, get a job, go to school and make yourself the best you can be for the sake of your own son.”

She is always leaving her son to go party or smoke weed. She stole her mother’s credit cards and got arrested for trespassing in someone’s house with her boyfriend.

Jenelle and her mother have a rocky relationship. Her mother seems to be trying to help Jenelle figure out her life, but all Jenelle seems to do is scream in her mother’s face. Season 2 opens with Jenelle on probation and possibly going to rehab.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 will air on Tuesday December 6. If nothing else, hopefully the show will teach other young girls that actions have consequences and just because you are on T.V doesn’t mean your life is perfect.


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