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How-To: Pick A Movie That Compliments Your Mood

Who doesn’t love a good movie to relax to? If you find yourself with some much needed downtime, rent a movie that is going to compliment the mood you’re in.  Whether you need a good cry or to let out a scream, these movies will be sure to make you feel great!

In Need of A Scare. Nothing is cozier then a scary movie. Whether you are by yourself or with friends, getting a little scared can be a great thing. With so many scary movies out there, some can fall terribly flat. Belle, if you really want to scream, oldies but goodies are The Descent, Pulp Fiction, The Shining, and if you have a lot of time on your hands, the Halloween movie series. If you are up to date on your scary movies and are looking for a newer must see movie, Insidious should be at the top of your list. It sounds like it is time to grab a blanket and get cozy on your couch.

Finding the Perfect Man. If boys seem to be letting you down lately, why not fall in love with the perfect man? A good romantic movie will restore your faith with the complicated man in your life, or give you a new perspective on your love life. Serendipity will convince you to believe in fate, Pretty Woman shows that true love exists, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days will give you the perfect mix of humor and love. For all you belles with feelings for your best friend, Friends With Benefits comes out this weekend so relax Saturday and see two friends make love happen.

Rough Day? Let It Out. A good cry can be the best form of therapy sometimes. If the stress of finals is mounting, or you are sad to see the semester come to an end, no one will judge you for needing to let it out. Every girl knows The Notebook is the ultimate love story that will make you tear up regardless of how many times you’ve seen it, and Ryan Gosling will convince you it is worth watching again and again. Remember Me features another gorgeous celeb, Robert Pattinson, and will find a soft spot in your heart, and My Girl is a throwback everyone can enjoy. A new tearjerker? Valentine’s Day is bringing The Vow, based on a true story of the sad things that can happen to good people.

Much Needed Pick Me Up. If crying isn’t your thing, a comedy is sure to lift your spirits. Laughing makes everything better and will focus your attention on something positive for a change. Role Models, The Hangover, and Wedding Crashers are the perfect amount of humor and provocativeness that will make you laugh every time. An all time classic your parents can even appreciate is Animal House that made every kid idolize college. The comedy “go-tos” of this year are Bridesmaids, which will make you think twice about your future wedding, and Bad Teacher, which deserves more credit than it got for how hilarious it was.

There is no excuse for being bored this weekend. Take a break from studying for finals and completing projects to choose movies from this list. What mood are you in?


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One comment on “How-To: Pick A Movie That Compliments Your Mood

  1. Sarah Kester
    December 3, 2011

    Great post! 🙂

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