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7 tips for fighting off jet lag: Holiday Travels

       If you’ve ever experienced jet lag, you know how much of a drag it can be. Jet lag occurs as a result of air travel, when traveling between two or more time zones. Your body is accustomed to operating a certain way, and when you disrupt its timing, you’re likely to encounter problems. As the holiday season approaches many of us are taking trips to visit family members or simply vacationing in other parts of the world. Traveling could be exhausting especially If you’re fighting off jet lag symptoms. A drastic time change can set you back and not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. Jet lag can really bring you down, it makes you uncomfortable and kind of lost. No one wants to feel like this during the holidays. Follow these 5 quick but effective tips on dealing with jet lag.

Tip #1 Get a good night’s rest the night before your flight. Chances are, you‘ll be exhausted enough during and after your flight. Get your rest so your immune system is at its best. Getting a good night’s rest will also help you control your sleeping pattern during the flight, which is very important so that you’re not taking a 5 hour nap when its 2 in the afternoon.

Tip #2 Set your external clock to match your internal clock. After boarding the plane, set your watch to match the current time of your destination. This will help you immediately begin working according to your new schedule, which is vital to fighting off Jet Lag. Every time you glance at your watch it will trigger your mind to think like if you were in that time zone.

Tip # 3 Eliminate alcohol and caffeine intake. If you’re drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated, drinking a lot of alcohol will counter that effect and dehydrate you. Drinking in the air is not the same as drinking on the ground, as one drink is the equivalent of over two drinks on the ground (due to the altitude and air pressure). Too much caffeine can cause problems with sleeping, which can really throw off your game.

Tip # 4 Watch what you eat. Before and during your flight may not be the best time to eat greasy meals. Stick to healthier foods, and normal size portions that aren’t going make you lazy, or make you want to sleep from the moment you hit your seat.

Tip # 5 Keep your immune system strong . There’s nothing worse than being sick while you’re flying. Do your best to fight off germs by taking your vitamins. You might also look into some herbal remedies, such as No-Jet-Lag ,which are homeopathic tables/powder.

Tip # 6 Immediately adjust your sleep pattern to your new local time. Do not, I repeat do not arrive at your hotel at noon and take a 6 hour nap. If you arrive at midnight, do not stay up until 9 AM and then decide to turn in. Your first day at your new location (whether arriving in a foreign country or returning home), take up your normal sleep patterns. Go to sleep at 10 PM or 11 PM if possible. Limit yourself to 6 – 8 hours of sleep. If you’ve arrived in the morning, stay awake until 10-11 PM. Do everything in your power to avoid taking a nap during the day. Start sightseeing or keep yourself busy the minute you get there. If you do take a nap (did I mention that you shouldn’t take a nap), keep it short, 30 minutes to 1 hour maximum.

Tip # 7 Adjust your on-flight sleep to fit your new schedule. If you’re arriving at your destination at night, you may not want to sleep 10 hours straight on your flight. Doing so might mean that you’ll be wide awake at night watching late-night infomercials. This could throw off your sleeping schedule for days. On the other hand, if your flight arrives in the AM, go for more sleep so you can make it through the day.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re making your rounds across the country to visit your family members. These should make your traveling experience more blissful and allow you to fully enjoy the holidays


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