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Holiday HIIT Workout

At this time of the year everywhere you turn you will find holiday goodies, Christmas cookies and immaculate seasonal dishes. The holidays are meant to share good times involving friends, family, and — food. Food is the centerpiece of almost every gathering, and it is part of the joy of the season. You should be able to enjoy moderate amounts of your favorite foods and still stay fit. That is where they HIIT workout comes into play.

HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training” and is recognized for being a short and powerful sweat session. It is mostly used for running workouts, but can be used with various exercise machines including: the elliptical, stair master, bike and indoor rowing machine. The key factor is to make sure that your bring your heart rate up and then back down constantly throughout the workout. It makes your body efficient, burns lots of calories and cranks up your metabolism for the rest of the day. It is the perfect workout for the holiday season filled with warm cookies, Christmas candies and hot cocoa.

Holiday HIIT Treadmill Workout

Minutes 0 -5: Speed 6.0

Minutes 5-7: Speed 8.0

Minutes 7-8: Speed 6.0

Minutes 8-10: Speed 8.0

Minutes 10-11: Speed 6.5

Minutes 11-13: Speed 8.5

Minutes 13-14: Speed 6.5

Minutes 14-16: Speed 8.5

Minutes 16-17: Speed 6.5

Minutes 17-19: Speed 8.0

Minutes 19-20: Speed 6.0

Minutes 20-22: Speed 8.0

Minutes 22-23: Speed 6.0

Minutes 23-25: Speed 7.0

Minutes 25-30: Speed 5.o

The HIIT workout forces your body to deal with the demands of increased speeds with short recovery breaks. The holiday season is a busy time, so this workout gives you the most efficient exercise session in the shortest amount of time. Complete the holiday HIIT workout three times a week along with a strength training routine and you will be able to keep your figure while enjoying the delectable desserts of the season.


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