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How-To: Find Him The Perfect Gift

With the holidays on the back of our minds as the semester comes to a close, thinking of gift ideas can be stressful. Blissful Belle’s gift guides these next few weeks should help make the holiday shopping trip a little easier, beginning with your significant other.

Football on Sundays. If your boyfriend is an overall sports fanatic, up to date on every game and athletes, then these gifts will be perfect for him. It doesn’t matter if he loves all sports, or just one, because he is sure to love at least one of these gift ideas.

  1. Tickets to a game: Going to a game together is a perfect way to enjoy each other’s company. Whether you make a day out of it or not, taking notice of his interests is important and he will appreciate it. If you can’t afford to get tickets to a big sports event, try getting tickets to his favorite local sports team.
  2. Video games: Although Madden NFL 12 or FIFA Football and Soccer may contribute to his lazy Sundays, not only will he love the game, but his roommates will as well. Have him teach you how to play and make a date out of it.

Techy Nerd. This list is for the belles with techy boyfriends. He is smart and studious and bound to love either of these gift choices depending on how much you are willing to spend!

  1. Kindle: If you are willing to splurge a little this Christmas, a Kindle is a great gift. He can keep all his books, magazines, or newspapers in one place and take them on the go with him. For birthdays and anniversaries you can even buy him new material to read!
  2. Exhibit Tickets: Look into events in your area and there should be a planetary or museum exhibit your boyfriend would enjoy. This gift is more personal and the exhibits will teach you more about what he loves.

Adventurous Explorer. Rock climbing, traveling on bike trails, or afternoon hikes occupy his weekends when it is nice out. If your boyfriend is outdoorsy and enjoys nature, he fits under this adventurous explorer category.

  1. iPod Holder: This is a great idea if your man spends a lot of time outdoors and likes to go on runs or hikes by himself. This way he can listen to music and doesn’t have to worry about holding his iPod if he wants a break to listen to nature.
  2. Brita Water Bottle: Every outdoorsy man should have a great water bottle to stay hydrated. A Brita water bottle filters the water and comes in all different colors. This is a practical gift he is sure to use often. Throw in some filters for the future if you are feeling generous!

Best Dressed Couple. Your friends may refer to him as metro, and you think of him as fashionable. Sometimes he dresses better than you do, but he likes looking good and his closet is stocked with great clothes. What do you get a fashion savvy boy?

  1. GQ Subscription: If you want to get him something besides clothes, a magazine subscription to GQ is a great way for him to read about new male fashion trends. And it is up to you how long you want the subscription to last so find a time frame that fits your budget.
  2. Accessorize: If your boyfriend is fashion savvy, then he needs to have the right accessories for his look. Buy him a nice watch, leather wallet, or designer sunglasses for a gift that is long lasting.

Frat Star. He is always out on weekends and people know him as the life of the party.  If the best way to describe your man is wild, fun, and crazy, then you need these gifts.

  1. Concert Tickets: A concert is a great way to let loose, enjoy music, and have fun together. The concert doesn’t have to be around Christmas. As long as you show him he has a great event to look forward to, he’ll love the gift.
  2. Beer Tasting: If a big part of the reason he is wild is because he loves to party and drink, then take him on a beer tasting. They usually serve food too and there’s nothing more men love then tasty food and good beer!

Your significant other may fall into multiple categories making finding a great gift hard. But theses generalizations should make it easier to know where to focus and help you think of ideas of your own! Good luck on the shopping hunt belles.


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