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Ways to Workout Indoors

The cold weather makes the trek to the gym a tough process.  Even if the cold isn’t an issue for you, finding the motivation to actually get to the gym can be hard. In either regard, neither should be your excuse not to go. Luckily we’ve compiled a few ways to work out in wintry conditions.


Use What You Have:

Believe it or not, there are a lot of items laying around your house that you can pick up and use for a killer workout. For starters, the stairs can be used for a pretty intense exercise routine. Not only do they work your legs, but depending on the speed at which you climb, it can be a great cardio workout too! If you don’t have free weights at home, something as simple as water bottles or containers of juice can be used. Carry them as you climb, or do a few sets of curls to let your arms feel some of the burn, too. offers a great idea for those of you who have stack of books (textbooks, anyone?) or foot rests laying around. Grab any of those items, or even a chair, and step up and down on the item repeatedly.


The possibilities are endless if you just take a look around!



Remember when it was acceptable to dance around your room? Well for those of you who actually stopped, here’s your chance to start again. Make a mix of some of your favorite songs and just let loose. Not only will it get you sweating, it’s actually really fun, too.


Use technology to exercise. Between video games systems like the Wii and Kinect, there are so many video games out there that are finally helping people become more active. Games like Just Dance for the Wii offer you the chance to learn routines and break a sweat without even realizing it. Another option is YouTube. Beneficial workout routines like P90X can be watched via your laptop and you can feel the burn without ever leaving your room.


Pick Up Essentials:

Next time your at a store like Target or a sporting goods store, pick up a couple of  important and easy items. Exercise equipment like: free weights, exercise balls, jump ropes, medicine balls, and elastic bands are perfect choices. These are all great and don’t take up too much room. Everything but the medicine balls can easily be kept in a drawer in your room.


The important point to remember is to exercise no matter what. It is essential to get your heart rate up, whether you’re singing into your hair brush in your room, or sweating it out with a video game. Some of these ways are extremely simple, and can be done from home without requiring much thought. Even better, they actually make working out fun!


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