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How-To: Find Your Parents The Perfect Gift

Blissful Belle’s holiday gift guide continues with our parents, who claim they don’t need a gift, but we all know they would love one. With only two weeks left, order or pick up your gifts before it gets too late.

Pampering. If your mom is constantly busy, remind her she deserves some pampering time to relax. Buy her a facial at your local spa and she’ll feel great at the end of the day. If facials aren’t her thing, pick up a comfy pair of slippers or a robe that she can lounge at home in.

Holiday Decor. If your mom spends hours decorating the house for the holiday season, then find a way to make the house look even better. Buy her a unique ornament from your college for the tree, a festive wreath to hang on the door, or something to add to the holiday meal like a great set of salt and pepper shakers.

Sentimental. A sentimental gift is the way to a mom’s heart. If your mom would prefer a gift that means something special then don’t worry as much about cost. Make her breakfast in bed on Christmas morning or for the whole family. This little gesture will go a long way. Or take the time with siblings or cousins to make an awesome scrapbook she will love to look at over and over.

Business Man. If your dad lives in suits, find a color tie he doesn’t already own or a good pattern he can mix and match. For something a little different look into a great pair of cufflinks he can wear to work or a wallet to replace the one he has had forever.

Food Lover. If your dad is planning the next meal before he has even finished what he is eating, then you know he loves food. Look up a local restaurant with great food that he has never been to and go spend some quality time with him. If he loves food because he loves to cook, invest in a George Foreman or treat him to a cooking class.

Sports Fan. If your dad can be found Sunday afternoons watching ESPN, this is his category. Buy him memorabilia of his favorite team or tickets to a game. If he is a golfer, look into gloves or golf club covers he can use. Or if your dad just likes staying active, give him work out clothes to wear at the gym.

Your parents are guaranteed to love any gift you get them so have fun with your holiday shopping and use this list to make picking gifts a little simpler.


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