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Yemen: Uprising and Change

As of Sunday, Violent clashes between military and antigovernment protestors were thought to have ceased in Yemen until 18 people were killed as a result of violence between the two groups were reignited less than 24 hours after the brokering of an agreement. According to The New York Times, “Witnesses said the violence started after a government soldier fired into a knot of peaceful demonstrators.”

The current government, led by Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been in power for the past 33 years. The military reacted violently to the antigovernment protesting, which led to “armed tribesmen” taking up arms to fight back. As a result of the antigovernment activists’ protesting and the violence that ensued, a new unity government is to be established, combining ministers from the current government and the opposition party.

The New York Times has reported that the vice president of Yemen has issued a decree to turn the idea of a national unity party into reality: a new opposition leader of Yemen is to be sworn in on Saturday.

Despite the good news of a unity party, clashes continue to occur in the southern region of Yemen. According to, at least 6 people were killed and 15 were wounded until the early hours of Thursday morning. Furthermore, there is a humanitarian crisis going on in the region, as many citizens have stated they don’t have the access to “a drop of water at home.” Medical facilities have been declared inaccessible as well as bathroom and hygiene facilities as well.

Unfortunately, only time will tell for the nation on the verge of such critical change.

Want to keep up with the latest news going on in Yemen, or any other country of interest? Search Twitter for the latest updates- It’s a great resource for getting news from the people themselves.


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