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3 Ways to Embrace What You Have

With the holidays fast approaching, it can often be easy to spend a lot of time dwelling on what you don’t have. Often times it’s easier to look at what was, instead of remembering what is, or what can still be. With that said, here are a few ways to remind yourself to be happy this holiday season. You may have lost some things you wish you hadn’t–but if you take time, you may still have more than you realize.

Stop Looking Back

Stop living in the past, and pay attention to what currently is, rather than what used to be. An article from encourages this mantra by saying, “Learn how to leave your past behind you and turn your attention to what is happening for you right now, because the only place to live is in the present.” It sounds kind of cliche, but things are cliche for a reason. A huge way to find happiness this season, is actually pretty simple: allow yourself to be.

Look around you. Chances are you are focused so much on the people that walked away, you may be forgetting about the people that have entered your life, or just as importantly, the people who stayed in it. Each person that enters your life, ultimately teaches you something.

Give Appreciation: 

Sometimes the best gift you can give is appreciation. Use your time to tell your friends and family how thankful you are to have them. The reality is, the material things you give are going to wear out over time or even get lost. Giving someone the gift of appreciation is a timeless gesture.

At the end of the day, the holiday season is about giving. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will benefit the people around you. Taking the time to embrace what you have, whether it be material items, a group of close friends, or life’s simplicities, can make a much bigger difference than you know.


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