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How-To: Find Your Friends The Perfect Gift

Blissful Belle’s holiday gift guides have covered just about everyone, except for those great roommates and best friends. Whether you are doing a gift swap or Secret Santa, here are some amazing ideas for any girl.

Beauty Queen. This beauty queen knows the 411 on all beauty products, including tips on how to use them. She loves makeup, home care treatments, and hair products. If you aren’t equally as obsessed then finding a gift can get difficult. What do you get a beauty queen?

  1. Urban Decay Eye Shadow: Urban Decay has great eye shadow colors and palettes that any beauty queen can appreciate. Sold at Sephora or on the Urban Decay website, the products can get a little expensive, but items are sometimes on sale or you can split the cost between a few of your friends.
  2. Beauty Tool Basket: A beauty queen would love to have all the essential beauty tools. Put together a basket that has everything from baby wipes for corrections, eye or face brushes, Q-tips, make-up remover or tissues. Get creative with what to put in the basket, and create it to fit your budget.

Tech Savvy. This tech savvy friend owns an iPhone, iPod, MacBook, iPad, and every other technologically advanced product you can think of. A college belle can’t afford to splurge on one of these high-tech gifts without putting a dent in her wallet, so what do you get a tech savvy girl?

  1. iPhone cover: Although she probably already has a great cover for her iPhone, buy her a new one so she has the option to change up her look sometimes. Find out her favorite color, if she likes things flashy or plain, and what iPhone version she owns, and you are ready to find a cover. They come in all different colors and patterns so customize it just for her and have fun with it!
  2. Apple Remote: Apple has a great little remote for $20 that allows you to control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone from across a room. A tech savvy belle would love this feature for when playing music from any of her beloved products. This gift is practical and something she would definitely consider a handy tool.

Girly Girl. This girly girl fits this phrase perfectly, she owns all things pink, and embraces the concept of femininity. Don’t settle for buying her the first pink gift you see and hope that she likes it. Browse these gift ideas and hopefully she will love one of them.

  1. Ettika Friendship Bracelets: Ettika is a jewelry brand that has tons of different jewelry options that combine bright colors, rhinestones, or charms. There is an entire section under friendship bracelets that offer a twist on the traditional bracelet with beads, leather, crystals, or ribbon. The prices range with a majority of products between $30-35 so start browsing!
  2. Bottoms Up: A Lolita product is a must for any girly girl! Sold at Hallmark stores or on their website, Lolita designs tons of martini, wine, coffee, or shot glasses to fit any personality. Although their Christmas products are popular, there are glasses for shoe lovers, zodiac signs, purse fans, or animal print fanatics. Whether she’ll keep it for decoration or use it for a wine night, she’ll love the thought you put into the design.

Star Athlete. The star athlete of the group loves her gym classes, joined a club team because of her love of the game, and doesn’t mind watching a football game on Sundays. Don’t panic if sports are a foreign language, we are here to help!

  1. Workout Accessories: Shop around to find great headbands, hair ties, or clips for when she is working out. She is sure to appreciate this gift when her hair is no longer falling in her face.  Or think about what else a gym buff might need and purchase a pair of earphones, water bottle, or cute spots bra!
  2. Athletic Bag: Every girl needs a bag to take to the gym or practice to carry around car keys, a phone, iPod, or change of clothes. Look into different brands for a good price and style that fits your star athlete friend. Some great brands are Lululemon, Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas, or try a store with a fitness section such as Target.

Fashionista. Don’t confuse your girly girl friend with the fashionista of the group. This girl may not gravitate towards pink, but you can be sure she always leaves the house looking great. So what do you get the fashionista who might seem to already have it all?

  1. Winter Accessories: A fashionista can never have enough winter accessories to mix and match. Scarves come in all different styles and colors so you are sure to find one she doesn’t already own. Or look into hats and gloves that she can throw on before heading out to class. Help this fashionista stay warm in style.
  2. Organizer: Any fashionista is sure to have way too much of a lot of things. You may walk in her room and see tons of jewelry, shoes, scarves, and bags, and nowhere to put them. Buy her some practical racks for hanging her bags or scarves, or cute jewelry organizers so that she isn’t fishing around at the last minute for her favorite bangle.

If you would love to get one of these gifts, your friends probably would too. If you put some thought into it, they will appreciate the gift. Happy Holidays Belles!


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