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5 Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

What do Hollywood beauties like Taylor Swift, Gisele Bündchen and Blake Lively have in common? Aside from the millions of dollars and adoring fans, these ladies were blessed with hooded eyes, an eye shape where the lid is hidden or almost hidden by a “hood” of skin just above the eye.

Although a common shape, those of us born with hooded eyes often find that eye makeup tutorials neglect to address the needs of this eye shape. Many tutorials focus on adding shape and color to the eyelid, creating sumptuous shadows and highlights. However, for Belles with hooded lids, all that work goes to waste unless we are perpetually gazing at our feet. Not to worry: Blissful Belle’s tips for hooded eyes are here to show how to make the most of your natural beauty.

Leelee Sobieski's soulful hooded eyes.

Maximize Your Eye Space

To start, make sure that you maximize the space you have to work with. Pluck and shape your eyebrows – not only do sculpted eyebrows frame your face, they also brighten your entire eye area, giving you more space to work with your eye shape.

Don’t Neglect Your Lower Lids

Many hooded eye makeup tips warn against lining or even shading the lower lid. I say go for it: since our upper lids tend to be hidden, feel free to celebrate the lid that shows with liner and shadow. For the lower lid, opt for a light look to avoid dragging your features down. Bring the focus to the outer corners of your eyes by adding the darkest of your shades there (keep it lighter than on the upper lids). Similarly, let your eyeliner be at its thickest there, while narrowing and lightening as you approach the middle.

Think Up

For a lovely shape, focus your brush strokes upward. Instead of dragging down the often heavy look of hooded eyes by adding too much shadow in a downward angle, apply shadow and eyeliner in a way that creates a lift. When adding darker shadow to the outer corners, direct your brush toward the edges of your eyebrows instead of toward your lower eyelids. Similarly, when lining the lower lashes, draw an upward angle, placing the most emphasis on the outer corners of your eye.

Shadows and Highlights

There’s no reason to limit yourself when it comes to color and texture just because of your eye shape. So let your creativity run wild. However, when it comes to shadow and highlight, there are a few rules of thumb that really let your eyes shine. Applying a light shadow or highlighter on the brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes brightens your look, making your eyes appear larger. To create an illusion of a more prominent lid, sweep a darker shadow in your crease, softening up toward the brow. Keep the shade lighter as you approach the brow, and focus the darker shade above the outer corners for more definition and shape. Matte shades are the most flattering when creating shadows. And don’t forget the primer! The hidden crease is even more prone to gathering eye shadow.

Blake Lively flaunts her eye shape.

Notes On Liner And Mascara

As with any shape, a few layers of mascara frame your eyes and make them pop. For your lower lashes, go lighter. After doing your upper lashes, paint your lower ones without re-dipping the wand. For a more fine-tuning touch, use the tip of the wand. Here again, focus on the outer corners.

A thick liner at the upper lashes can act as shadow for many hooded eye shapes, as when the eye is open, only the liner will show on the lid itself. You can take advantage of this for a smoky, more dramatic look, or keep the line thin to maximize the visible lid area. For the lower lid, either skip the liner for a more natural look, or add a thin line throughout, with the thickest part at the outer corners.

Embrace your beautiful eyes with these simple tips. With a few tricks anyone can work with their eye shape rather than against it, with gorgeous results. Although hooded eyes come with a unique set of considerations that those with prominent lids need not think about, there’s no reason not to have some fun with your eye makeup even if some of the most common suggestions don’t work for you. Find the techniques that do work for your unique beauty, then flaunt it like Gisele, Taylor and Blake!


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