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The Christmas Meet And Greet (And How to Rock it)

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is a daunting and nerve-racking task. Even if you’ve met the parents, you’ll probably be introduced to extended family. Can you say stressful? If you freak out, like me, you’ll drag out the entire contents of  your wardrobe and then end up going out, buying something new and still worrying. Breathe easy, though, because with a few simple tips and tricks you’ll be looking great. But, unfortunately, you’re on your own for winning them over with your wit and charm!

Large Family Gathering

Okay, so you have a lot of people to impress, and we all know the famous saying: “It’s all about first appearances.” Go for bold colours or a unique pattern. It makes it easier for people to remember your name and his cousins will be able to easily point out the new pretty and stylish girl their cousin is dating. But don’t go overboard on your makeup, pick a complimenting eye shadow that highlights your eyes and stick to the basics.

Intimate Family Gathering

There are definite pro’s and con’s of going to a smaller, more intimate family get togethers. The pro’s? You don’t have to meet so many new people all at once, and won’t have to answer the same questions so many times. The con’s? You’ll probably be meeting the most important family members all in one go. Go for something feminine, like florals or pastels. Try sporting a lightly curled pony tail with side framing bangs. Stick with soft tones for your make up, with just a hint of blush across your cheek bones and neutrals for your eye shadow.

Just the Siblings

If he has brothers, go for dark jeans and a feminine top, like a sweater that and avoid overdoing your makeup and hair. Go for a natural look with a touch of fun and sexy (brothers are always competing, so if you feel like you’re on display… you are, but in a totally “look at how smokin’ hot my girlfriend is” kind of way). If he has sisters definitely go for what you’d wear to a fun girls get together, like your favourite jeans and a v-neck sweater with a loose choker. Laid back but chic will make you a shoe-in.

Don’t go overboard, but don’t skimp out either, these are the people who you’ll probably be talking with the most out of his family, both on facebook and in daily life. Keep the peace and make some pretty great friends as you do. Win-win situation.

Just the Parents

Here lies the biggest test. It’s basic knowledge that Mom and Dad can either help grease the cogs in a relationship or throw in some major bumps and dead ends. You need to make a good impression to his mother that you’re not just here for the kicks and that you have a good head on your shoulders, while showing his father that you’re a pretty face with brains to match. Avoid super trendy styles and towering heels, the combo will just scream “here today, gone tomorrow.” Instead go for the timeless sophisticated look. The little black dress is about as safe as you can go. It’s feminine and classic, and paired with some kitten heels, you’ll look terrific.

Good luck to all of you Belles and your family meet and greets! Don’t forget that no matter how beautiful you look on the outside, it’ll be your wonderfully sweet personality and loving nature that will win over any family member. Stay warm and beautiful Belles!


About Rachel Kadavy

A young and upcoming journalist with a passion for fashion. I write short stories, sing, act and read for hobbies. You can usually find me sitting in the back corners of local Starbucks sipping my center-of-the-sun hot Americano (with soy and a short of hazelnut!) typing away on my beloved laptop with the latest copy of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I also enjoy waking up early to watch the sunrise and to go for early morning strolls if I can pull myself away from my comfy window seat.

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