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Resolutions For A Blissful New Year

A new year symbolizes the turning of a new leaf, so it’s no wonder that when December rolls around, many are pondering about New Year’s resolutions. What better time than a fresh new year to change things up or to leave a few vices behind, after all. But after the fireworks have died down and the champagne run out, it becomes harder and harder to stick to resolutions that seemed so doable back in January.

Next year, instead of setting yourself up for failure, why not make resolutions that make you feel good? Here’s Blissful Belle’s guide to a blissful 2012.

Let yourself be swept away by a good story.

Read More Books

Entertainment, relaxation, increased intelligence and vocabulary.  Need more reasons to read? If you’re not a big reader but would like to be, make it your new year’s resolution to read more books, even if it’s just a few. Too busy? Skip a movie and hit the books instead, and spend your subway ride immersed in worlds created from a skilled author’s words. Even if you already read a lot, a few extra books per year can’t hurt, unless you fall victim to a paper cut. To discover books that suit your tastes, check out Goodreads.

Nourish Your Body

Vowing to lose weight is an age-old resolution that’s hard to keep. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t like about your body, resolve to nourish it instead with a healthier diet. This way, both your body and your mind will feel better. So make 2012 the year of more fruits, vegetables and natural choices. Cutting down on sugars is a simple way to give your body a break, but be prepared for a vengeful sweet tooth. Try Blissful Belle’s seven healthier alternatives to combat sweet cravings. And for more brain power, try these delicious treats.

Do Something Good… For Someone Else

Many resolutions aim toward maximizing happiness to the one making them. But making others happy is a surprisingly effective shortcut to happiness. There are many ways to put others first. Volunteering takes many forms, from building houses to mentoring children,  and beyond. Doing good for others can be a part of our daily lives as well. In 2012, be a better friend, partner, child or community member. Reach out to those in need and be there for your loved ones. Think about the things you love in other people, and strive to let go of the negative things that weigh you down. Choose to grow instead, rising beyond petty grievances and jealousies.

Be kind to others and yourself in 2012.

Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

A wise resolution for any time of the year is to leave behind the security of your comfort zone – that’s where life begins, to paraphrase Neale Donald Walsch. No matter what year is marked on the calendar, it’s easy to fall back into the same old routine and chip away at life one day at a time. It feels safe, familiar and risk-free.

But the greatest experiences wait for us to ditch the routine and try something new. It will feel scary at first, and self-doubts are sure to arise. That’s fine. When we try new things in spite of the fear, we make lasting memories. So in 2012, swap the comfort zone for something amazing instead. You don’t need to turn your life around to make a change: think manageable, and resolve to try something new once a month. New year, at least 12 new, fantastic experiences!

Are you ready to embrace the new year, Belles? No matter what your resolutions, we hope you have a great 2012!


3 comments on “Resolutions For A Blissful New Year

  1. lifevesting
    December 29, 2011

    Fabulous tips!

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