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How-To: Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It has been a month since we made those New Year’s resolutions, and some of us are feeling the guilt of broken promises. In college, it can be hard to stay dedicated to a change, or even motivated to keep it up. The temptation to quit is hard to avoid, but don’t get frustrated just yet! With these helpful tips you should be able to keep your New Year’s resolution and even make them more adaptable to a college environment.

Be Realistic. It is easy to get ambitious when deciding on a goal for the year, and the typical downfall is taking on too much too soon. Look at the resolution you made a month ago, and ask yourself if it is realistic? If you were never an avid gym goer, pledging to work out five times a week might be hard to commit to. Ease into your resolution. It is okay to start with a small goal, and after a few weeks you can expand it. Being able to keep your resolution will make you feel better, and motivate you to keep it going long into the year.

In It Together. Convincing yourself to do something you don’t want to can be like a little game in your head. We can come up with a million reasons not to do something, and this comes in handy when we are giving up on those resolutions. You don’t have to do it alone! Find a friend, roommate, or classmate with the same goal as you, and motivate each other. Knowing someone else is trying to stop skipping class will make it that much easier to get out of bed in the morning and go.

Plan It Out. Whether your resolutions include trying to fall asleep at a reasonable time, do some leisure reading, or not procrastinate on projects, making a schedule can be extremely helpful. Visualizing what you have to do makes the goal more realistic, and allows you to set aside time every day or week to work on it. Having it written down will also serve as a reminder on a busy day, something we can all use with all the classes, homework, and tests.

You Can Do It. Occasionally all it takes is a little inspiration. It can help to wake up in the morning and see a sticky note on your mirror encouraging you to quit a habit, or a note in your planner saying you can do it! Sometimes a little motivation can do a lot.

Don’t let yourself give up. A New Year’s resolution can be an important change, so stick to it, and use these tips to make sure that goal lasts!

 – Carolina Herrera 


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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