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How to: Be A Smart Shopper

      Show of hands, how many of you have bought an item of clothing or an accessory when you knew you couldn’t afford it? If I had to guess, I would say all of you had your hands up. Being a fashionista can be both a blessing and a curse. However, staying on top of the latest trends doesn’t have to burn a whole in your new coach bag. It’s a tough world out there for fashionable belles. A wise woman once said (Carrie Bradshaw), “When I first moved to New York I bought Vogue instead of food, I felt it filled me more.” Well, what Carrie didn’t know is that there are tons of ways to get the runway look and still have some extra cash left over for lunch! Don’t believe me? Here are a few ways to be a smarter belle when it comes to shopping.

  • Dont buy it just because its on sale

When you see that BOGO sign its tough to restrict yourself from buying two of everything. But watch out for those retail sales. Many times what they do is raise the price of the first item so that you think you’re getting a good deal. Don’t be fooled by the bold letters.

  • Recreate the look

The next time you’re flipping through a fashion magazine and see an outfit that catches your eye, head to the mall on a hunt to find the exact look for a better price. The same goes for celebrity style. To the right is a perfect example of recreating a look for a low cost. Recreate the look head to toe, right down to the nail polish. Set a resonable budget for yourself and aim for spending less than you can.

  • Stick to the basics

When you arrive at the mall its so tempting to run to Macy’s and buy every item of clothing in the womens department. However, when you get home you realize you’ve bought things you will never wear. Make sure your closet is versatile and don’t forget the women’s wear essentials. Every woman needs stylish blouses, a good pair of jeans that flatter your figure, simple blazers, basic tees and a good quality handbag. You also can’t forget a pair of comfortable boots or shoes! These are all examples of wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. The idea should be to build up your capsule wardrobe by spending a bit more on quality items that suit your shape and wash well, and then update your look each season with cheaper fashion items.

  • Go the extra mile

When your at the mall, it sometimes feels easier to just buy clothes at full price because its right there. Places like TJMaxx, Ross, and Target sell quality clothing for half the price. Go the extra mile and discover stores that have the items you’re looking for with a wallet friendly price tag.

  • Love it or leave it

When your in the fitting room and you take that first glance at the mirror you automatically know if you love it. You dont even have to think about it, your face lights up and you run out of that dressing room and stright to the register. If you go back and forth about it, start making excuses or hear yourself say “Well, I dont know” then leave it. Save yourself the trouble and put it right back on the rack.

  • If it doesnt fit, just quit

One of the most important ways to be a smarter shopper is to know when to let go. Sometimes we fall so in love with clothing or shoes that we make ourselves believe that they are “not that uncomfortable” or that they “fit perfectly.” If you have to struggle to get in to it, or makes you walk funny just quit. Feeling comfortable in clothes is just as important as looking good in it.

        It’s about quality not quantity when it comes to style. Anyone can look chic and stylish if they invest in the right garments and then care for them correctly. The credit crunch is a reason to start shopping more economically but it is something that people should consider on a regular basis. Shopping sprees are great fun and give you an instant buzz, however the principles of style-crunching mean that the highs last much longer and you will find that you will feel satisfied with your wardrobe all year round. Stick to these tips and not only will your wardrobe be looking healthier, but your bank balance will be too.


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