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Are You Sexually Healthy?

It likely has been a few years since you had the birds and the bees talk with anyone, but that conversation shouldn’t be a one-time thing. College tends to create an environment of freedom that often condones sex. So if you are “doing it,” be healthy about it!

Use Protection. This phrase has probably been over stressed to you in high school and sexual education classes, but it is a fundamental part of keeping yourself sexually healthy. Although they aren’t completely reliable, contraceptives like condoms and birth control can protect against pregnancy and the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. The important thing to remember is they aren’t 100% full proof. If you are having sex, and you are using a contraceptive, insist your partner use one as well. In this situation, remember more is better than less!

Make An Appointment. Even if you feel great, how can you know for sure if you are sexually healthy? Get tested! An annual appointment is important to reassure you are fine, or start treating an STD early. Even if you have a consistent and loyal partner, a gynecologist appointment every once in awhile can’t hurt. If your college campus doesn’t offer testing, find a local woman’s doctor in the area. Don’t wait until it is too late to make your first appointment. Better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t Be Shy. Sexual intercourse involves doesn’t just involve you, so why should you be the only one taking precaution? When it comes to sex, don’t be shy! Talk to your partner about getting tested and using protection. The tips previously mentioned will be even more effective if both of you are on board with them. Although it may be an awkward conversation to bring up, in the end it be will be worth it for the both of you.

Trojan submits a report card every year grading the top and lowest sexually healthy schools in the United States. Where does your college rank compared to others? If you attend one of the lower ranking schools, start making a change by improving your behavior, and encouraging others to do the same. All it takes is one person to make a difference. Being healthy is more than just eating right and exercising, so be smart when it comes to your health.

              – Carolina Herrera


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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