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Fashion Police Raid Grammy’s

On the Monday night, following the 54th Grammy Award Ceremony, Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police hosted an hour long special on E! They discussed the wardrobe choices the stars made on music’s biggest night.

The special started off with the Fashion Police’s top five choices of the night. Rihanna was at the top of everyone’s list, even winning best dressed. She wore an elegant black Armani, sporting a high slit above the knee and a deep V-neck, which showed the singers great body.

Rihanna was “so hot Al Gore blamed her for global warming,” said Captain of the Fashion Police Joan Rivers.  Giuliana Rancic added “You can’t find anything wrong with it.”

Moving on to Katy Perry the Fashion Police had less than excited reactions. Perry wore a blue gown by Elie Saab, which also matched the color of her hair.

“She looked like the bride of smurf-instien,” Rivers joked. “I would have changed the [hair] due,” said Kelly Osbourne. “I didn’t understand [this dress] for the Grammy’s,” said Rancic.

No celebrity event would be complete without Joan Rivers calling out the so-called “fash-hoes” and complementing the sexy starlets. Her comments had the rest of the Fashion Police team laughing and blushing.

When it came time to dish on Fergie Joan Rivers compared the singer’s Paul Gaultier Haute Couture dress to “Beyonce’s afterbirth.”

While it was not the most flattering dress Fergie could have chosen, especially with the granny panties, one has to admit Fergie has a great body. She just needs a more flattering way to show it off.

Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj made some head turning choices for the Grammy’s. Gaga showed up in a Versace dress, face-covering veil and gold knob cane. Rivers comment was simple and to the point, “[She’s] trying to copy Madonna.”

Nikki Minaj may have taken the title for most shocking wardrobe choice. She arrived on the red carpet accompanied by a man dressed like the Pope, wearing a red Versace cape and hood.

The Fashion Police were pretty hard on Ms. Minaj, George Kotsiopoulos did not comment beyond “It’s just stupid.”

Joan River’s thoughts were “She should have taken it off and reveled something amazing.” Rivers called Minaj “Little red riding hooker.”

Believe it or not, there was a few other fashion choices that prompted the Fashion Police to add a segment to their show called “WTF?”

The segment featured Russian recording artist Sasha Gradiva in a pink gown by an unknown designer. The singer was ready for the Grammy’s and showed up guns blazing, literally.

Rather than sport a unique bracelet or necklace Gradiva covered her right arm from shoulder to fingertips with machine guns. All Giuliana Rancic could ask was “how did she get past security?”

The Fashion Police wrapped up their Grammy special by handing out their best and worst dressed winners. Unanimously Rihanna won for best dressed. Joan Rivers pick for worst dressed was Nikki Minaj.

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