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Spring Break 2012: How-To Have Fun and Stay Safe

College has promulgated an image of a wild spring break that creates this desire to be a part of the experience. Characterized by late nights, tropical locations, and heavy drinking, the stereotypical spring break can create some concern over how to balance fun and safety. But a trip to Cancun or Miami doesn’t have to be one or the other. Remember these easy tips in the next couple of weeks and you can have a memorable, awesome break with no regrets!

Use Protection. Warm weather and relaxing beaches are associated with hours of basking in the sun. Sounds wonderful, right? It can be if you protect your skin! The sunrays in many tropical locations are extremely strong, making sunburns very likely. Bad sunburn will be painful and confine you to your room for days, which makes for a miserable vacation! So, in between your umbrella drinks, remember to reapply every few hours and avoid the sun in the afternoon hours when the rays are the strongest.

Buddy System. You may remember this phrase from preschool, but you are never too old to use the buddy system! Regardless of how many people you travel with, it is easy to get overwhelmed by a new place and new people. If you meet someone or want to try out a local bar, bring your friends with you to hang out. We have all heard the terrible stories, but there is always a risk that comes with traveling alone. Talk to your friends and agree to go back to your room together, even if just one person wants to. Either compromise to stay out longer or sacrifice a few hours of partying. Your room may be around the corner, but in a new environment you never know what could happen!

Get Informed. Other countries have specific laws and norms that may be drastically different than the ones you are accustomed to and it’s important to keep this in mind. Before heading on your adventure, do some research! It is important to be aware of what can potentially get you in trouble so that you can avoid any problems. It is better to be over informed so you can have a blast without worrying about getting into trouble in a foreign country.

These are only a few ways to ensure your safety on spring break, while still enjoying your much needed vacation time. Become aware of your surroundings, what you drink, and where you go. Make new friends, but with caution! Remember: being safe doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Have fun spring breakers!

– Carolina Herrera 


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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