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Protect Your Skin from Being Sunkissed

Wrinkles. Skin cancer. Sun damage. We’ve all been told the terrifying statistics and seen pictures of the negative outcomes that result from too much sun exposure. But that doesn’t mean you have to hide indoors now that the sun is out! Exposing your skin to beautiful sunshine rays in a healthy way is possible.

If you’re the girl who lies out on the beach for hours, with only an occasional dip in the water to refresh herself, then you need major protection. Roasting your skin might seem great now when you show off that glowing tan, but your youthful skin will pay for it later. You don’t have to give up laying out, just use sunscreen. You’ll still get to bask in the heat and look great ten years from now. So what are the best lotions to use? According to WebMd, with Banana Boat Sport Performance, Coppertone Sport, and CVS Fast Cover you can’t go wrong! You’ll be protected from UV rays and the “sport” will make it last after those little dips in the water.

But remember, one round of sunscreen in the morning isn’t enough. Reapply every few hours for a full effect, and avoid those terrible sun hours. The sun’s rays are the most powerful between the hours of noon and two in the afternoon, a time frame most of us love to take advantage of when tanning. Take these hours to grab lunch and get out of the sun for a little. You will have plenty of time the rest of the day to catch some color, or even wake up early and get some sun time in the morning. You can just sleep more on the beach!

But sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect yourself. All the fashionistas out there can shield themselves from harmful rays by wearing trendy accessories that will make beach outfits look great! Pair a fedora with a bright colored bathing suit, or even make a bolder statement with a big, floppy sun hat. Go ahead and throw on a great pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes. Having to throw a towel over your face is no fun. With these accessories you can look great and avoid burning. You are sure to get noticed with these stylish summertime items.

If you still don’t think you need any of these, ladies you do! The Skin Cancer Foundation states that women are more affected by skin cancer than males, and the most advanced cases occur in females as well. The summer months don’t require sun kissed skin. Even the best self-tanners like Aveeno and Clarins may look awesome, but can get expensive. If you can’t spend the money on products then I have two words for you… Kristen Stewart! Take note of this gorgeous actress and join her in embracing healthy, fair skin. You don’t have to be bronze to be beautiful. A natural, pale complexion can look amazing.





Is it worth the risk? Don’t put your beautiful skin in danger.



                                                                                        – Carolina Herrera 


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