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Find Some ‘Me’ Time, You Deserve It!

Think back to the last time you took a breather and said: “I’m going to focus on me!” Sometimes you have to be selfish and set aside “me” time or you’ll drive yourself into work overload. Finding downtime isn’t as hard as you think, and at the end of the day, you will be so happy you did!

Relaxation not only reduces stress levels, it benefits your overall health. It’s too easy to burn out in college, and according to Today’s Women and Health the side effects of stress can be as serious as high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease. So even if you don’t feel the building anxiety of too much work, or feel the toll it is taking on your body, commit to giving yourself time each day to focus on yourself.

“Me” time doesn’t have to require an hour-long yoga class.  Some of us don’t have enough time in the day for that.  If you need something more informal, take 20 to 30 minutes everyday to put your iPhone on silent, turn off your TV and music, and put away your computer. Then lie back on your bed, chair, or couch and close your eyes.  Take these moments to forget about any responsibilities and just feel your body relax.  Even if it is midnight and you still have two pages left to write for your paper, take the break.  Who knows, it might even help you focus better!

The New York Times found that relaxing increases energy levels, so if you have a lot to do, this should be enough incentive to kick back.  If you still find your mind racing during yoga or relaxation time, try to focus on your breathing.  It’ll give you something to concentrate on.  Although these techniques are great, not everyone can sit still without getting anxious.  If this sounds a little like you, then try different relaxation approaches like writing in a journal.  Take time everyday to write all your thoughts down.  What is bothering you?  What are you worried about?  Sometimes seeing things on paper puts them in perspective, causing you to realize it isn’t such a big deal!

Put your roommates, friends, classmates, and boyfriend on hold, and be a little selfish.  Everyone deserves to chill out every once in awhile— even you!

– Carolina Herrera


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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