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Live Pre-Graduation To The Fullest

It might be hard to believe, but college is winding down to its last few weeks. For all the graduates out there, it might seem like just yesterday you were moving into your dorm on campus. Excitement, anticipation, and sadness are all completely normal and expected emotions to be experiencing. So how should you spend your last few weeks before your life is consumed by job hunts or masters programs? Live the pre-graduation time to the fullest and take advantage of everything you are going to miss this summer!

Go out and explore your campus. Many of us have been at our university for years, but still haven’t gone to see a play, or tried one of the eating-places on campus. Start looking at the activities happening on your campus these last few weeks and go check them out. Take a stroll downtown, visit a local shop, go to a club meeting, Do it all! Use this discovery time as a study break for finals.

Speaking about finals, don’t let senioritis set in! It’s easy to give up on school in order to have fun with all your friends, but all that hard work throughout the semester will be a waste. Even if you already have a job lined up, or have been admitted to graduate school, put in the effort for those final tests and papers. Someone will recognize and appreciate your hard work. A bad grade or procrastination will just add stress to your life during what should be a memorable time!

Lastly, focus on the positive. If your roommate forgets to do the dishes, try not to get frustrated. If your boyfriend is picking a fight, try not to engage in it. If you are having a bad day, don’t linger on the negative. Leave on good terms with all the amazing relationships you have formed over the four years. Create amazing memories to look back on with no regrets.

Happy Graduation Seniors!


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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