Blissful Belle

Be Happy, Feel Beautiful



Grace Gavilanes began Blissful Belle as a go-to source of (awesome!) information for young women who are looking to become better-rounded individuals. Grace believes that self-appreciation and bliss is achieved through a heightened understanding of our surroundings, which includes hard news, pop culture, beauty, style, health and happiness. Grace is a rising junior at Hofstra University and hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism. She enjoys devouring fried ice cream, wearing floral dresses and waking up early on summer weekdays (don’t ask her why, she’s still trying to figure that one out!).


Blissful Belle aims to provide girls with the necessary tools to become better-rounded in all areas of life, whether it’s growing to be more self-confident or becoming an ultra news connoisseur. From Beauty advice to breaking News, Blissful Belle will have you ready to take on the world–offering new-found knowledge and a fresh outlook on life. Once that is achieved, we promise you will “Be Happy” and “Feel Beautiful.”

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