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The BB Team

Without the brilliant ideas and invaluable advice of our lovely writers, Blissful Belle would be nothing but a boring (and empty!) digital domain. Meet our fabulous Blissful Belle team! 

Beauty/Fashion Editor:

Sarah Kester is studying at Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Public Relations. She is an intern with Uzuri Magazine where she interviews some of the upcoming stars in the fashion industry such as, models, fashion photographers, jewelry designers, and many more. Sarah is a contributing writer with College Gloss and the writer of several novels (that will hopefully get published one day!). She has been published in Open Heart Forgery, the poetry magazine. When Sarah is not writing, she loves to watch Sex and the City, read woman’s magazines, dream of one day dating the lead singer of the Maine (she’s obsessed), dance, sing, browse through Tumblr, and just work hard towards my writing dreams. Sarah plans to move to New York after graduating and achieve her dream of landing at a top woman’s magazine (ahem, Cosmopolitan or Glamour) and living the life of Carrie Bradshaw – only brunette.

How-To Editor:

Ariana Philips is a rising senior at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, majoring in English with a minor in Mass Communications. She’s a born and bred New Yorker and loves everything about the city and the people. Ariana has an interest in fashion, an unhealthy addiction to beauty products, and a slight obsession with trashy reality shows. She loves to travel, read and write, and spend time with her friends and family. Currently, Ariana is an interning at a publishing agency, where she hopes to gain experience for a future career in publishing and editing.

News/Entertainment Editor:

Helena Wahlstrom was born and raised in frosty Helsinki, Finland. Currently living in Northampton, MA, she enjoys cooking, yoga, dystopian fiction and traveling. Most of the time, she can be found at her laptop, whether she is reading her favorite blogs, writing or playing video games. In December, she will be graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she is studying journalism and political science as well as working as a writing tutor.

Happiness/Health Editor & Social Media Director:

Maggie Young is a rising junior at the University of Kansas studying journalism. She is a writing and social media intern for College Lifestyles and an assisting editor and blogger for College Gloss. Maggie is content with a sunny day and the company of good friends and family. Her dream job is to be an editor at a major magazine. Most importantly, she is passionate about living a healthy and happy life.

BB Writers:

Brittany Davis is a recent graduate from Quinnipiac University whose diploma tells us she was a Media Studies major and English minor. What she had confirmed in college was that writing has the ability to influence a lot of people–and she wants to make that influence a positive one. There’s so much stuff out there telling girls that they’re not good enough, and it’s her goal to make it known that you are! She’s the unique blend of sports fanatic (especially the Yankees), pop culture junkie, and not-so-closeted nerd who is embarking on this next chapter of her life and so grateful to be doing it here!

Mallika Dhaliwal is a freshman at the University of Southern California who hopes to major in the scope of human knowledge since she can’t seem to make her mind up about which discipline she loves the most. She however knows that she loves fashion, people, and a variety of fine and performing arts, and wants to visit every continent before she turns 35. Mallika enjoys old movies, classic novels, dressing up, tea parties, European and art history, theater-going, and especially traveling.

Crystal Fernandez is a rising sophomore at Miami Dade College majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism. Born and raised in New York she has an admiration for everything in the big city and hopes to return to attend NYU sometime in the near future. With a long term goal of becoming a fashion editor for Marie Claire Magazine Crystal is focused on building an outstanding resume that will allow her to reach her career aspirations. When she doesn’t have her head buried in the pages of a fashion magazine she keeps herself in shape with kick boxing and mind at peace with her keen organizing skills. She has an unhealthy obsession with Calvin Klein clothing and hopes to one day collaborate with the designer. Crystal believes an optimistic attitude and a smile on your face is the best accessory anyone can own and it will help her get to the top.

Christina Fieni is a sophomore journalism student at Syracuse University. You can usually find her perusing online databases for the latest news, sprucing up her never-ending bucket list, and searching for ways to help her community. Christina likes learning about different cultures and would love nothing more than to travel the world volunteering and helping to make this world a better place. But for now, Christina is perfectly content with her delicious cup of chamomile tea – staying optimistic, believing that her dreams will one day become a reality, and sharing all that she learns about life’s crazy twists and turns with all of you!

Erika Graham is a sophomore at Asbury University majoring in journalism with a minor in graphic design. She spent her summer interning for a toy magazine, loved the experience, and found Blissful Belle to be the perfect outlet to keep building her portfolio. When she isn’t formulating plans for her dream career at Vogue, Erika loves to spend time people watching, online shopping, and roaming her family’s vineyards back home in Pennsylvania.

Carolina Herrera wishes she could say she was related to the legendary designer and fashionista. She is in her final year at James Madison University, aspiring to become a successful writer for any of the popular magazines that she grew up collecting, and that always satisfy her need for entertainment gossip and fashion trends. As an Interpersonal Communications major she loves constantly being surrounded by friends and family. She hopes to find herself one day in New York, living in the city of style for a change, and believes Blissful Belle is a step in the right direction!

Marisa Hezekiah is from Simmons College in Boston and enjoys politics, fashion, and art. Using these passions, Marisa plans to write for magazines after college. During the school year, Marisa is involved with Model United Nations, Amnesty International, the Public Relations Student Society of America and more. Some things she enjoys are: dancing, film editing, spicy foods, romantic comedies, and long conversations about philosophy. She defines Bliss as the ability to have a sense of calm in chaotic surroundings and keep a sense of grace and beauty. She is extremely excited to be part of the Blissful Belle team.

Rachel Kadavy is currently a freshmen at Southeast College where she is getting her general education all tied up before heading off to the University of Nebraska for her degree in Journalism. When she’s not writing on her computer sipping hot coffee, Rachel enjoys water color painting, singing songs from musicals, acting and reading. She also has an odd love for hosting tea parties and waking up early in the mornings to watch the sunrise. Rachel’s dreams and ambitions basically all boil down to seeing her name printed on the masthead of Voguemagazine…and meeting Anna Wintour.

Maura Lieberman is an aspiring magazine editor/columnist. She loves writing, and loves all things fashion and beauty. Writing has been a passion of Maura’s ever since she can remember, so why not make it into a career? Maura would love to one day write for Vogue, but until then, she’s just your regular college sophomore who would like to learn more about the world of journalism.

Jessica Luciano is a senior at Pace University triple-majoring in Political Science, Latin American Studies, and Modern Language and Culture. With endless stories including handstands in the mountains of Peru to hitch-hiking throughout Cuba, she’s a lover of all things adventure. When she’s not quenching her thirst for thrill, you can find this former competitive gymnast on the dance floor, eating spicy foods, or watching an independent film. She is currently living in New York City, but her plans for the near future include volunteering and traveling abroad, graduate school, and, of course, writing.

Gina McNamee is a senior studying Print Journalism at Penn State University. Originally from Philadelphia, Gina gained her love of fashion by venturing into the city and discovering trends outside of her own personal style. In her free time (besides shopping), she enjoys keeping active by playing soccer, taking trips to the beach, and being with her friends, family, and sorority sisters any chance she gets. Her favorite thing to do on a weekend? Girl’s night out, of course!

Vania Myers is a sophomore magazine journalism major at Syracuse University. You can often find her typing away on her computer, hanging out with her besties, and indulging in double chocolate chip cookies. While interning at Blissful Belle, she also writes for several on-campus publications, blogs for College Magazine, and volunteers for various organizations. Vania hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a world voyageur as a journalist and graphic designer.

Alexandra Palmer is a current senior at Marymount Manhattan College, majoring in English and minoring in Hispanic Studies. Alexandra is 20 years old and a born and raised Manhattanite. She loves reading, writing, traveling and fashion. Although writing is her career goal, Alexandra is also a commercial model.

Amanda Schiavo is a senior at Pace University. She is studying History and looks to pursue a career in Journalism after she graduates in December. Amanda loves to write and hopes to one day become a New York Times Best-Selling Author. She has already written a children’s book and is looking to have it published soon. Amanda enjoys art and music and would love to spend her career writing about bands that inspire people. When she isn’t at her desk working on her next book or dreaming about traveling all over Europe, Amanda enjoys spending time horseback riding––a hobby she has taken pleasure in since the sixth grade.

Anissa Stambouli is currently a sophomore at Mount Allison University, studying English Literature. Due to her father’s job, Anissa has spent her life travelling. She has lived in Santiago, Denver, Montreal, and Toronto (to name a few!), and has lived temporarily in New York City and Boulder on her own—but Anissa is a small-town girl at heart. Living in Quebec, Anissa studied theatre for two years at John Abbott College, and is now a huge fan of musical theatre, especially the Broadway shows “Wicked” and “Spring Awakening.” Anissa loves to read teen fiction like Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games,” classic literature like the Brontes’ novels, and fiction that makes you think like Ayn Rand’s works. Anissa hopes to one day work in a literary agency or publishing house.

Britnee Wellman recently graduated from Baylor University with a BA in English. She recently moved from Texas to Alabama with her brother just to get away for awhile and decide what she wants to do career wise. Britnee has been applying to publication companies in Nashville and a few places in Texas. She is excited to see where she will end up next. Britnee loves writing and is excited to be part of Blissful Belle!

Sarah Yu is a student at St. John’s University studying journalism. She has a passion for entertainment, singing, playing the piano, and anything music-related you can think of! God is the center of her life and she is faithfully serving Him through her musical talents and her heart for teaching children. Her dream career is to not only become a successful journalist but to also help girls to discover and know their identity whether it may be in Christ or in a pure manner. She loves Carvel’s soft serve vanilla ice cream on a cone! On her down time, she loves painting her nails and texting…a LOT. Sarah always has a smile on her face with an open heart and with an optimistic view on life.

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