Blissful Belle

Be Happy, Feel Beautiful

Write For Us! aims to provide girls with necessary tools to become better-rounded, whether it’s growing to be self-confident or becoming a worldly news connoisseur!

We believe that a Blissful Belle emits a positive and confident energy. She is knowledgeable of all things fashion, beauty, health, need-to-know news, pop culture, and of course, bliss. Don’t let her omniscience intimidate you, though. She’s actually rather sweet, humble and regularly indulges in double chocolate cookies (YUM!). is looking for strong staff writers to contribute to its following sections:


This opportunity will provide aspiring journalists with a TON of clips (1-2 articles a week)!

The ideal candidate will have a personal, friendly, but professional writing voice, as well as an enthusiastic and go-getter attitude. Prior experience is preferred, but not necessary.

Peruse our site and please send a letter of interest (tell us why you would be a perfect fit and what section you want to write for) to Grace at
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